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The “existential nihilism”

Of course, it’s just a little thing, but that’s the best I can do to contribute and fight what, about me, it’s the real illness of the century: The “existential nihilism”. It’s symptoms are evident in the deep sense of self-annulment and of values ​​that give importance to each individual’s life. Mystical values, human values, material and social values. “Nothing” devours day after day all our values ​​and all our expectations. There are many souls wandering like empty pockets in cities around the globe. They try to fill these huge voids of the soul with ever-new ephemeral sensations offered daily by the media, making our lives more critical. So the sense of love disappears within us and with it the sense of the family, of art, history, spirituality, sociality, freedom, honesty, especially of intellectuals, and of all those values ​​built fatiguedly in centuries history.

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